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Our Team.

Entrepreneur in different companies in the USA, trading and operating in the real estate sector for the last 23 years and in the automotive industry for more than 38 years. Over 10 years of experience in the mining sector (His family has more than 140 years of experience in mining).

Jimmy Pflücker

Founder & President

Enrique Franco


Executive Director of Paltarumi with more than 15 years of experience in the mining sector, specifically focused on the commercialization of polymetallic concentrates, processing and sale of minerals, and production and sale of doré. 

Felix Navarro Grau

Board Advisor

Former Board Member of Junior Gold Companies listed in the TSX and Chief Executive Officer from Peruvian Mining Companies. Over 25 years of experience in the mining and exploration industry.

Former Director of the Peruvian Mining, Electricity and Oil Society, and from the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers.

David Silva


Chartered Public Accountant from UNFV with a MS in Corporate Finance from Universidad del Pacífico. Over 15 years of experience in financial and accounting positions within the mining sector in Trafigura Group and Mercuria Energy Trading.

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Daniel Hurtado


Economist from the Universidad Agraria La Molina, Master's Degree in Corporate Finance from Universidad del Pacífico. Former CFO of infrastructure and hydroelectric companies,. Former risk leader of HSBC and GNB bank risks. He has structured projects in the Real Estate, Agricultural, Energy, Retail, Infrastructure, and services sectors. Previously, I was part of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers - PwC Tax team.

Manuel Delfin

Board Advisor

Alex Black

Board Advisor

John Byrne

Board Advisor

Manuel was previously the general manager for Cerro Dorado SAC mine from 2012 – 2019, and upon the sale of the project, he has recently transitioned to a country manager role, where he oversees in-country activities for Fidelity Minerals. Manuel is an International Commerce professional with over 27 years experience in business promotion and development.

Rio 2 Limited Executive Chairman.  Alex has over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry, founded Rio2 Limited and has been Director, President & CEO of the company since 2016. Mr. Black, as President & CEO of Rio Alto Mining Limited and his experienced management team built Rio Alto from a C$12M company in 2009 to a C$1.2Bn company in 2015 at the time of the acquisition by Tahoe Resources Inc.

Lions Bay Capital Inc. Executive Chairman. John has over 40 years. Formed and mentored Cambrian Mining Plc in 2002. Cambrian started with net assets of GBP£1.4 million and before being acquired in 2008 had net assets of GBP£149 million. John has been Chairman and CEO of numerous successful resource companies, including Western Coal Corp which was capitalized at less than C$1 million when he joined, and was sold for C$3.3billion in 2010

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